The argument for repairable, sustainable light fixtures  | Many sectors of the lighting market are saturated with bottom-dollar, discount bin LED fixtures. These products are built to be at the lowest possible cost, using inexpensive components to keep your price low. The word “inexpensive” may be a little generous. A lot of these products are just cheap. Cheap in price,
Having supply chain issues with luminaires? Buying domestic can help  | American ports on both coasts are experiencing major issues with cargo ships at sea, waiting to dock with their imported cargo. These delays are putting further strain on freight carriers, who are experiencing their own logjam thanks to a combination of high demand and a driver shortage. Businesses nationwide
LumenFocus launches new website | LumenFocus recently launched a new line of anti-viral and anti-bacterial products called PathogenFocus. PathogenFocus products utilize state-of-the-art Air Disinfection Biosecurity technology. These units work in conjunction with existing HVAC systems and are available in many different sizes for a wide range of building spaces. Portable units are also available. ADB technology provides 24/7 continuous
More expansion for LumenFocus sales network | The LumenFocus sales network expanded again recently, with one new signing and extended territory for three existing reps.   M2R Lighting And Controls is LumenFocus’ new rep in the state of Arizona. M2R will provide coverage for the entire state. M2R launched in June 2021 and has quickly grown a well-rounded line card.
Sales network expands with several new additions | The LumenFocus sales representative network continues to grow, with several new agencies being added recently. Learn more about these agencies below. Click here to find a rep in your area. Arti Light Group will provide representation for LumenFocus in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Arti Light Group is based out of Caguas,