Sales network expands with several new additions | The LumenFocus sales representative network continues to grow, with several new agencies being added recently. Learn more about these agencies below. Click here to find a rep in your area. Arti Light Group will provide representation for LumenFocus in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Arti Light Group is based out of Caguas,
LumenFocus profiled by NAM for development of germicidal products, DoD contract | LumenFocus was recently selected by the US Department of Defense for participation in a multi-team advanced medical prototype development program.  LumenFocus is developing germicidal products for use in US Naval vessels to mitigate the spread of pathogens. The company was awarded a significant portion of the $2.3 million
LumenFocus selected to participate in rapid decontamination prototype program  | LumenFocus announced that the Department of Defense (DoD) has selected the company for participation in a multi-team advanced medical prototype development program with an award of $2.3 million. The current COVID-19 crisis highlights the need for rapid decontamination/disinfection of rooms and spaces in environments to mitigate the spread of disease
March News: UVFocus enhancements, improved down lights, and more | A new enhancement to our GUA series of products will help maximize airborne pathogen elimination. Upper air UVC fixtures, like our GUA, rely on air circulation in the room to push air into the UVC plane. As the air traverses the eradication zone, it receives a dose of germicidal illumination
Custom retrofit kits installed in Empire State Building lobby  | At LumenFocus, we specialize in designing custom LED lighting solutions. Our team of engineers has been involved in the development of many unique engineered-to-order projects over the years. Recently, LumenFocus was able to develop custom LED retrofit kits for one of the most iconic buildings in the world – the