Custom capabilities that set us apart from the rest Have you ever run into a situation where you just can’t find the exact lighting solution for your application? This is an area where LumenFocus excels. If the lighting solution you need doesn’t exist, there’s a good chance we can create one for you. At LumenFocus, we have a veteran engineering
Get the most out of your investment with LumenFocus tax services LumenFocus’ tax experts can help you maximize your return on investment. We utilize a tax-centric asset strategy to off-set the use of cash. If you choose to upgrade your lighting to a newer, more efficient LumenFocus system, you could qualify for several tax deductions. It is not uncommon to
  1.5-million square-foot facility to save millions with LED retrofit project LumenFocus fixtures were recently used in a massive lighting upgrade for a large distribution center in eastern North Carolina. This project utilized over 3,000 LumenFocus products – a mixture of new high bay luminaires, strip and troffer retrofits in the interior spaces, along with updated exterior lighting in the
  FormFocus brightens up local classrooms FormFocus luminaires are brightening up classrooms in neighboring Granville County, NC. The FFLP was used to replace louvered T12 8-foot units in some of the classrooms at Oxford’s C.G. Credle Elementary School. The C.G. Credle school building is “the oldest structure still operating as a school in the state of North Carolina,” according to
PBL series leads the way for major LED upgrade LumenFocus recently provided a lighting upgrade project for three distribution centers totaling about 750,000 square feet. Using our PBL series of LED luminaires, we were able to greatly improve light levels (as the customer requested) while using significantly less wattage. The customer retrofitted 400W metal halide fixtures 1-for-1 using our PBL