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LED Germicidal Air Flow Chamber

    The GAB sits in recessed grid ceilings and provides germicidal cleansing in rooms. It is a white, aesthetically pleasing aluminum frame with a center fan (or two fans, in the case of the 2x4). The fans circulate air into the chamber in the back of the fixture, where state-of-the-art IllumiPure LEDs utilize 260-265nm UVC to cleanse the air of all airborne pathogens (viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, bacteria and spores). These pathogens are inactivated at a rate of more than 99 percent. Since the chamber is mounted in the back of the fixture, individuals in the room are shielded from exposure. So it is safe to remain in the room while the GAB is hard at work cleaning the air. A similar fixture with a down light component is available in the GAC.The GAB is part of the UVFocus line of pathogen eradicating luminaires.
    Note: Successful UV disinfection requires a systems approach taking into account dose, optics and safety relevant to the specific application. Please consult with the factory any questions or concerns. For any inquiries about this product, email us at You can also call us toll-free at 1-866-UVFOCUS.
  • Applications: Suitable for most commercial and institutional applications - office, retail, classrooms, healthcare facilities. May be placed in room, plenum or return duct.
  • Size Options: 2x2, 2x4
  • Warranty: 30,000 hours for LED boards in back chamber; 3 years for fans; balance of fixture: 10 years
  • Certifications: CE and UL pending; patent pending
  • Made in the USA utilizing mostly domestic and some foreign components
DLC, MiA 0720

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Pure, clean illumination

    Inside the rear disinfection chamber of the GAB, IllumiPure LEDs emitting UVC wavelengths cleanse the air that is circulating inside and inactivate airborne pathogens. The air is then re-circulated into the room.