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LED Germicidal Air Chamber with Down Light

    The GAC is a revolutionary, state-of-the-art germicidal luminaire - a combination disinfection lay-in and germicidal air chamber. This unit utilizes anti-viral and anti-bacterial lighting technology. The anti-bacterial down light in the GAC continuously disinfects any hard or soft surfaces, simply by keeping the lights on. These high performance LEDs from IllumiPure are near-UV, and part of the normal visible LED spectrum, making them completely harmless to humans and animals. You can keep working while the down light cleanses the room! Fans circulate air into a chamber in the back of the luminaire.
    Inside the chamber, 260-265nm UVC LEDs cleanse the air of all airborne pathogens (viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, bacteria and spores) with a 99-plus percent inactivation rate. Clean air is then circulated back into the room. The housing is constructed of aluminum, and the frosted lens is proprietary polycarbonate. A similar product, minus the down light component, is available in the GAB germicidal air chamber. The GAC is part of the UVFocus line of pathogen eradicating luminaires. 
    Note: Successful UV disinfection requires a systems approach taking into account dose, optics and safety relevant to the specific application. Please consult with the factory any questions or concerns. For any inquiries about this product, email us at You can also call toll-free at 1-866-UVFOCUS.
  • Applications: Suitable for most commercial and institutional applications - office, retail, classrooms, healthcare facilities. May be placed in room, plenum or return duct.
  • Lumen Output: About 6,900 in the 2x2, 8,970 in the 2x4
  • Max Lumens Per Watt: 115
  • Size Options: 2x2, 2x4
  • Warranty: 4 years for downlight LED boards; 30,000 hours for LED boards in back chamber; 3 years for fans; balance of fixture: 10 years
  • Certifications: CE and UL pending; patent pending
  • Made in the USA utilizing mostly domestic and some foreign components
DLC, MiA 0720
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Catalog #
SizeLumensWattageWattage (Disinfection Chamber)LPWCRI / Color TempVoltages AvailableLifetime
GAC 22 HI UV FP 8452x26900601811580 CRI / 4500K120-277V> 50,000 hrs (fixture); 30,000 hrs (disinfection chamber)
GAC 22 HI UV FP 8502x26900601811580 CRI / 5000K120-277V> 50,000 hrs (fixture); 30,000 hrs (disinfection chamber)
GAC 24 HI UV FP 8452x48970783611580 CRI / 4500K120-277V> 50,000 hrs (fixture); 30,000 hrs (disinfection chamber)
GAC 24 HI UV FP 8502x48970783611580 CRI / 5000K120-277V> 50,000 hrs (fixture); 30,000 hrs (disinfection chamber)
Catalog #
ImageSpec SheetGAC / GAB Sell Sheet
GAC 22 HI UV FP 845View Download Download
GAC 22 HI UV FP 850View Download Download
GAC 24 HI UV FP 845View Download Download
GAC 24 HI UV FP 850View Download Download
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Pure, clean illumination

    Light emitted from IllumiPure's LEDs in the GAC down light shines onto surfaces and penetrates harmful micro-organisms. The light targets naturally occurring molecules that exist inside bacteria, and a reaction occurs inside the cell similar to what occurs when you use bleach. The bacteria is rendered inactive, which prevents it from re-populating on the surface or traveling to further hosts.
    In the disinfection chamber, LEDs emitting UVC wavelengths cleanse the air that is circulating inside and inactivate airborne pathogens.