Future-proof your path to true sustainability

Wireless control, the Internet of Things, and LumenFocus' premier feature Re-boardABILITY combine to create the first truly "Future-Proof" opportunity built for tomorrow's technically driven requirements.

Sustainability finally achieved!

IoT-ready - prepared for the iot future

LumenFocus is driven by innovation. We see the coming need for an integrated approach to accommodate the IoT Future. As a leader of LED-manufactured lighting products, our team of professionals is dedicated to an "integrated controls" focus, where each and every product provides an IoT-ready solution, no matter which controls manufacturer may be required.

An "IoT-ready" fixture, by definition, is a smart lighting fixture that can be captured by software and driven across geography for a total solution built on a desire for information, analytics and monitoring. This provides a comprehensive, sustainable solution powered by the Internet of Things and cloud-based software.

LumenFocus understands the need and sees the opportunity. We are partnering with leading controls manufacturers to fulfill tomorrow's needs. We are your solution, and we are here to help you navigate the coming IoT environment!

Wireless controls and re-boardability

Sustainability is always the desired goal when driving LED conversions in today's energy conscious environment. Creating a solution through wireless controls creates the foundation for sustainability by providing end-users the ability to easily and quickly alter lighting groups, schedules, and controls functionality through software as companies evolve, change and grow. This provides a Future-Proof solution for those buying into today's IoT solutions.


The missing consideration with this discussion, however, lies with the LED components required for such operations to be considered energy efficient and sustainable - drivers, transformers, sensors and boards. Each of these must be replaced at some point in the future. They will either run their course and require replacement, or technology will continue to evolve where innovation makes tomorrow's products a desired opportunity for added savings or control. End-users will be faced with a difficult decision of whether to stay the course, or engage in another costly ROI-driven replacement.

LumenFocus says "No!"

We believe in a truly Future-Proof solution, and have provided that missing consideration within each product we design and ship from our 100,000 square-foot facility in Henderson, NC. Our technicians provide easy access to all components through Re-boardABILITY. With Re-boardABILITY, end users can quickly and easily replace and upgrade their LED boards and drivers. These components can be replaced in mere minutes - a cost-effective avenue for a truly Future-Proof solution when combined with wireless controls and a cloud-based IoT solution. Contact us for more details. The future of true sustainability lives within a LumenFocus solution.

Current Partners

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Partnerships that Work

Today's innovative environment requires a true understanding of the controls opportunities being created, the solutions available, and the path that all controls opportunities will follow. The lighting industry is experiencing great change at nearly every level. This evolution is creating an environment where new companies are born and where others experience technological challenges, acquisition by competitive lighting opportunists, or even meet their end. Navigating today's crazy industry requires one to follow the bouncing ball in deliberate ways.

LumenFocus is greatly focused in this direction, and is partnering with the industry's best and brightest controls manufacturers for the benefit of our national customer base. Our Partnership Program provides you with the ability to identify the in-depth details of your project, allowing us us to recommend the right manufacturer and solution level for the best benefit of the end-user.

We believe that a true solution requires a single point of contact providing a conduit between the integrator and the controls manufacturer. Without a true professional bridging that gap, you stand alone, swimming in technological soup. We are that bridge, and our knowledge of the IoT and the role our partners play is your key to a Future-Proof solution that is not only sustainable, but will perform and meet end-user expectations.

Contact us for more details!


The Protocol Wars - which one will win?

Zigbee, Enocean, or Bluetooth - which one will win the ever-present protocol war? The answer: Who cares?

The protocol is not the issue. Providing consistent quality support is the ultimate answer and best avenue to sustainability and customer satisfaction. Each of these protocols are being used successfully in today's IoT environment. Success or failure is not generally associated with the protocol being used, but always a direct result of early project design and defined expectations, implementation, and on-going quality support. This is where many of today's IoT projects tend to face challenges. We can help.

One cannot simply "set it and forget it" in today's world, nor can they entertain a philosophy of "if it's on, I'm gone." Today's technology requires a professional approach. Projects require different levels of support and different technological capabilities. LumenFocus provides the right education and process to help today's integrators navigate this challenging environment. We can help you find the right solution for your end-user's project and desired expectation!

get educated on controls - the next big opportunity

LumenFocus believes that staying educated on the industry, the environment, and the coming technological influences is not only good practice, but crucial to capturing the next opportunity in our industry: controls.

Demand for LED lighting and advanced lighting controls is accelerating. As lighting and controls become increasingly complex, customers need qualified professionals. NALMCO's Certified Lighting Controls Professional (CLCP) designation provides assurance that a professional is highly educated about lighting controls based on high quality curriculum designed by the controls industry. The CLCP is based on the education curriculum developed by the Lighting Controls Assocation's (LCA) Education Express online education system at There is no cost to access LCA's Education Express. Invest in your lighting future and make sure that you are prepared for the coming IoT Future!