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Pathogen eradication solutions

LumenFocus offers many different options for pathogen eradication in occupied spaces. Our PathogenFocus products include Air Disinfection Biosecurity (ADB) units that work either in conjunction with your existing HVAC or as standalone units. These products neutralize bacteria and viruses quickly and effectively. We also offer pathogen eradicating fixtures with our UVFocus product line.


Air Disinfection Biosecurity (ADB) Technology: 24/7 365 Continuous Air and Surface Disinfection

ADB Technology is shown to dramatically and continually reduce the spread of pathogens, regardless of transmission mode (fomite, aerosol, or ballistic). This technology is scientifically validated to reduce up to 99.99 percent of common pathogens while generating continuous, chemical-free sanitation - neutralizing airborne and surface microorganisms without leaving behind any residue.

Areas of application include:

  • Meeting rooms
  • Break rooms
  • Locker rooms
  • Work areas
  • Cafeteria/food preparation
  • Business public areas

ADB systems are EPA registered in compliance with USDA National Organic Standards, within OSHA worker health guidelines. 100-plus scientific studies, and thousands of installations worldwide prove ADB controls disease-causing pathogens - including human coronavirus in the air and on surfaces.

Protects against viruses and bacteria

  • Neutralizes up to 99.99 percent of aerosolized viruses (human coronavirus, influenza, norovirus, etc.) within seconds; neutralizes bacteria (listeria, salmonella, E. coli, MRSA, campylobacter, etc.) on surfaces in minutes
  • Reduces cross-contamination, controls unpleasant odors
  • Minimizes harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • Works in conjunction with existing HVAC or as standalone units



Proven performance

How does ADB perform against common pathogens?


Why use ADB Technology?

  • Rapid and continual antimicrobial (viruses, bacteria, fungus) even in hard-to-reach areas
  • Long-term cost savings in chemical use and staff labor
  • Built-in smart controller for ease of use
  • No downtime - safe to use in the presence of people
  • Chemical-free and residue-free
  • No air filtration, ionizers, irradiation or harmful UV components

Airborne diseases are not a new problem, but with the COVID-19 pandemic, the responsibility to maintain safe environments is more important than ever. ADB provides a comprehensive disinfection solution to achieve a superior air quality safety threshold, and creates and maintains a safe zone while operating at normal occupancy levels.

ADB proactively eliminates airborne pathogens and distributes an array of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) including Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) into the treatment space that continuously sanitizes ambient air and indoor surfaces. Using this technology, treatment is not limited to line-of-sight or physical distance. ADB can be safely delivered in occupied spaces, therefore it does not negatively impact workflow or customer throughput. The units work in conjunction with a facility's existing HVAC/air handling system, or as standalone units, and can be scaled to any size treatment space without sacrificing treatment efficacy.


How does it work?

ADB is a scientifically validated antiviral and antimicrobial technology that achieves continuous inactivation and neutralization of viruses, pathogenic bacteria, molds, fungus and mildew through an advanced surface and air sanitation process.

ADB is not a passive air filtration ionizer or UV light system, nor is it an ozone generator that relies upon uncontrolled harmful concentration levels to have some control effect. Rather, ADB is leading with a cutting-edge H202 non-thermal plasma technology which reduces microbial and viral loads in a safe, rapid, and cost-effective manner.

ADB technology is based on the activation of ambient-level oxygen with high frequency controlled pulses to stabilize oxygen-derived particles.

This combination of oxygen by-products are highly charged molecules, including H202, capable of interacting with exposed, surface and air microorganisms, interrupting the cellular structure, thus rendering them inactive. ADB units work in tandem with HVAC and air handling systems or as standalone equipment, mitigating a wide range of disease-causing microbes and thus reducing the incidence of infections.

ADB is a safe, scientifically validated antiviral and antimicrobial technology that achieves continuous inactivation and neutralization of many pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, molds, mildews and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).


Product specs

Our products are available for use in existing HVAC systems and standalone units, tailored to your interior space, ranging from hundreds to several thousand square feet. Our engineers are dedicated to designing the best solution for your specific needs.

Purchase includes the Control unit, encoding, activation and calibration, 12-month limited warranty, 1-hour operator orientation.

Click on an image below to download the product's spec sheet (.pdf).

Pathogen eradication: a systems approach

We understand that there are multiple facets to fighting pathogen infiltration in your space, which is why we are equipped with several ways to attack this problem. Your application may require a combination of efforts to achieve the desired amount of safety and cleanliness. By combining ADB technology with our UVFocus product line of pathogen eradicating luminaires, we can design a system to help keep your employees and patrons as safe and healthy as possible.

Contact us today to improve your indoor air quality in your existing space, or for new construction and retrofit projects.


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