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Particle Ionization Chamber

    The PIC provides bipolar particle ionization from a small, lightweight wall-mounted unit. The internal ionization system eradicates pathogens - bacteria, mold and viruses - and neutralizes odors. It provides particle reduction and smoke control. It comes in two sizes - the PIC L, and the smaller PIC S. A side-mounted fan pulls in air, which flows across the bipolar ionization unit inside. Ions are then broadcast a significant distance into the room through vents on the opposite side to assist with rapid pathogen eradication. The internal ionization unit features all-composite and carbon fiber construction that can stand up to corrosive environments. If features a programmable auto-cleaning cycle. The PIC is part of the PathogenFocus line of pathogen eradicating products.
  • Applications: Suitable for most commercial and institutional applications: hospitality, offices, manufacturing, healthcare/senior care, animal care, food service, schools/classrooms
  • Finish Options: White (standard), Matte Black, Metallic Silver
  • Made in the USA, in our Henderson, NC facility, utilizing mostly domestic and some foreign components
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Durable, lightweight design

    The PIC is incredibly lightweight and easy to install. It is small enough to sit on a desktop. The PIC S is pictured here. Each PIC is constructed of highly durable aluminum with a white powder coat finish. Finish options also include Matte Black and Metallic Silver.