Why upgrade your high bays to LED?

Numbers don’t lie.

A recent customer replaced a 7-year-old 6-light fluorescent system with the PBL4 luminaire (specifically, the PBL4HIHEUV850). The wattage reduce d from 350W to 174, and the foot-candles jumped from 25 to 50. That’s double the light output with 50% less energy!

LED’s advantages over fluorescent and HID:
• Higher efficacy and longer life
• Huge energy savings
• Great return on investment
• Wide variety of controls
• Cutting edge technology

The LumenFocus advantage:
• Numerous lumen packages and control options for each luminaire
• Our staff has years of experience in the lighting industry. We have the expertise to satisfy your lighting needs

Here are our high bay / low bay offerings. You can view each one in our product catalog here.

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